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Custom Rom Syberia Project Android 12 for Oneplus 6

 Syberia Project (aka Syberia OS) is a custom ROM for OnePlus 6 that implements various features. This project was designed by our "Syberia Team" from

scratch based on AOSP source code with some CAF fixes and improvements. Our team: @DennySPB, @blinoff82, @alexxxdev. Also many thanks to our designers @rlshukhov and

ROM Featured

  • Monet
  • VoLTE, VoWiFi
  • LineageOS LiveDisplay
  • MicroG support
  • Pocket Judge
  • Call recording
  • Statusbar items switches
  • Three finger swipe to screenshot
  • Extended powermenu
  • Scramble pin layout option
  • Quick pin unlock option
  • PowerOff torch on power button
  • Volume rocker wakup option
  • Volume key music controll
  • More VoLTE/VoWifi statusbar icons
  • Advanced gesture navigation options
  • Lockscreen charging information
  • DataSwitch tile
  • Volume keys cursor control
  • Statusbar clock/date customization
  • Lockscreen visualizer
  • Lockscreen media art toggle with blur options
  • Statusbar battery styles
  • Flipendo (extreme battery saver) tile
  • Brightness slider in QS options
  • Reboot QS tile
  • Separate wifi/data QS tiles
  • Caffein QS tile
  • Sound tile
  • Flash on call waiting option
  • Network traffic monitor
  • Battery/Notification LED lights customization
  • NavBar inverse option
  • ...Settings and features will be gradually added.


How to Install Custom ROM ?

Actually, how to install it is the same as usual when you install a rom, here are the steps.
  1. Download all the files provided above.
  2. After that, reboot your android into Orangefox Recovery mode, Picth Black Recovery or the like.
  3. After that, do a wipe to clean flash, namely System, data, cache, dalvik, vendor.
  4. After that flash the Zip Rom and Magisk (Optional).
  5. After the installation process is complete, reboot the system on your Android.
  6. The first boot usually takes longer.

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