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Kernel Gaming for Poco X3 Pro (vayu) 2023


New Year 2023 Shows that Poco x3 pro is outdated or old, Has your Poco X3 Pro experienced a decline in performance? especially in terms of playing games, the redmi note 8 will feel very heavy and the frame drops often.

Therefore I will share with you the Gaming Kernel for the xiaomi redmi note 8 or often called the latest ginkgo.

What will be gained with the Gaming Kernel ?
  • First, in terms of performance, it will increase drastically as well as smartphones above it.
  • Reduced Framedrop and makes you better at playing games with this gaming kernel.
  • Smooth and Glowing Graphics which will make your game so smooth in terms of graphics.

How Interested? Immediately, here is a of the best gaming kernels for Poco X3 Pro (Vayu)

How to Install Kernels?

First, your Android must have a Custom Recovery installed, such as TWRP, Orangefox and PBRP.
  1. After that select and download the gaming kernel above and reboot your smartphone into recovery mode.
  2. For Kernel Installation, it is not necessary to do any wipe.
  3. Go directly to the install tab and select the kernel file that was selected earlier.
  4. After the installation process is complete, Reboot the system in recovery and feel the difference using the custom gaming kernel above.

Okay, that's all from me, I hope it's useful and thank you for visiting the article on our website.
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