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How to Fill Prime in NFT Item Land


Welcome back to our website Tech Nusantara, Prime is a point so you can do many things in NFT Item Land, with Prime as an example you can use it to rent nft houses, create websites, talk to BOTO (AI) and etc.

The price of 1 Prime is equivalent to 1 USD$ very cheap and affordable.

How to Fill Prime ?

The following is a tutorial for filling in Prime in NFT Item Land, please follow the steps carefully.
  • First, prepare your Matic Balance. Remember, 1 prime is equivalent to 1USD$, which means you need 1 Matic to top up 1 Prime.
  • Connect your wallet on the NFT Item Land website
Click Connect Wallet

Use Supported Wallet

After that a button will appear as shown, please click it.

  • After creating an account, send your matic to the following wallet address 0x7a804b3A5d11Acc69acbFF8Ca87E7335dbd4080e
  • This wallet is the bank that will accommodate your matic and make it Prime in the Item Land NFT account that you created earlier.
  • After that, please wait 5-10 minutes, then Prime will automatically be filled.
Okay, that's how to fill in your prime on the NFT Item Land website.

Prime Mode Benefit

Some of the benefits that you will get if you activate Prime mode are as follows:
  • Doubles hourly battle mode rewards

How to Withdraw Prime to Matic ?

You can also withdraw from prime to matic, Here's how to do it.

  • First you enter the Prime Menu
Click Prime Menu
  • After that, scroll down a little.
  • The minimum withdrawal is 0.1 Prime and you can set the destination address for the withdrawal.
  • Please fill in the nominal you want to withdraw and fill in the destination wallet address that will be used as the withdrawal destination.
  • Then press Withdraw to Matic

That's the tutorial on how to fill in prime and how to withdraw prime to matic, if you have something to ask, please send a question in the comments column or to our email contact, Thank you.
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