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Website Templates Like Linktree

 Welcome to my website Tech Nusantara, this time I will share a template for those of you who want to build a simple webiste like linktree.

Download Template

Here is a template that you can download and later you please edit it.

How to Edit Template:

Here is a guide to editing the file to fit what you want:

Please open the file using a Text Editor like Notepad or something else, then follow the following rules below
  • Find the following words WEBSITE TITTLE and replace them with Your Website Tittle
  • Find the following words WEBSITE DESCRIPTION and replace them with Your Decription Website
  • Find the following words LINK_COLLECTION and replace them with Your Link Collection
  • Find the following words LINK_NFT and replace them with Your Link NFT
  • Find the following words LINKPICTURE_NFT and replace them with Your Picture NFT (Must Match LINK_NFT)
  • Find the following words INSTAGRAM_LINK and replace them with Your Instagram Link
  • Find the following words TWITTER_LINK and replace them with Your Twitter Link
  • Find the following words OTHER_LINK and replace them with Your Other Link

Okay that's it from me, hopefully it's useful and don't force it if you can't make it. Do as you need, Thank you.
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