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Xiaomi Part Modules Magisk for Android 11 and Android 12

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Xiaomi Part Modules

Xiaomi parts are some modifications to the system that can maximize several functions such as things in the speaker speaker and screen color calibration that you can set yourself on this xiaomi part.

Here is the Xiaomi Part Module that you can install on Android 11 and 12 Base AOSP and CAF. for others can not be used.

Here are some of the features in this xiaomi part:

  • Sound Enhancer.
  • Profile selection for.
  • Sound (Bass, Rock, Jazz etc).
  • Vibration Strength Regulator.
  • Screen Color Calibration.
  • etc.

Download Link

How to Install Xiaomi Part Modules

  1. First Download Mi Part Modules above.
  2. Log in to your Magiks Application.
  3. Then Click TAB Module and Click "Install from Storage".
  4. Select File Mi Part Module for A11 - A12.
  5. Wait for the install process to complete, After the install process reboot your Android.
  6. After that check on settings>System.
  7. If it is installed, the Xiaomi Part menu will appear.

Okay, that's all from me, hopefully with this article it can help those of you who want this Xiaomi Part Magiks Module for Android 11 and Android 12, Thank you.

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  2. Doesnt work doesnt appear in rom HavocOS 4.12 A11
    1. Try in another rom, what u device,?
  3. Redmi 5 plus (vince)
    1. Try in another rom
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