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Download MIUI 13 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (Lavender)

Download miui 13 for Redmi Note 7

After yesterday I shared miui 13 for note 5 and note 8, now it's my turn to share miui 13 for xiaomi redmi note 7 or commonly called lavender.

Please note, this miui 13 is still in the beta test and alpha test stage which may have a lot of bugs, so for those of you who just want to try it, you are welcome to install this miui 13 and it is not recommended to be used as a daily driver.

Here are the notes to pay attention to:
  • Clean flash only
  • Low brightness on locscreen if using fingerprint unlock.
  • Camara paranoma not working
  • Please Don't Mirror Download Link
  • 3GB Users Also Use This Rom
  • Smoothness Overloaded

Here are some screenshots of this Miui 13:

Download Link

How to install miui 13 ?

Actually, how to install it is the same as usual when you install a rom, here are the steps.
  1. Download all the files provided above.
  2. After that, reboot your android into Orangefox Recovery mode, Picth Black Recovery or the like.
  3. After that, do a wipe to clean flash, namely System, data, cache, dalvik, vendor.
  4. After that flash the Zip Rom and Magisk (Optional).
  5. After the installation process is complete, reboot the system on your Android.
  6. The first boot usually takes longer.

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